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Custom Colour Lamps ~ tutorial

Here’s a fantastic idea that I found at Cape 27 for creating a Custom Colour Lamp.
Just buy a clear glass Ikea Bran Lamp Base (or similar) and paint it using acrylic paint.  This is great if you’ve been looking for a lamp but haven’t found the perfect colour.
Jessie from Cape 27 used the “painting the inside” method which you’ll find a tutorial for here.  Painting the inside does mean you’ll have to remove the light fitting from the base, but you’ll get a much better end result.
Click here to see how it’s done.

You Are Loved! ~ tutorial

I just adore this lovely piece of art that I discovered at The Frugal Girls.
Heidi made hers with picket fence posts but it would also make a fantastic upcycled pallet project.
You can add whatever message you like… something inspirational like “you are loved”, lyrics from your favourite song, little bits of a nursery rhyme or children’s book for a nursery, wedding vows, or even just family birthdays.
Heidi used vinyl sheets to create a stencil which is a great idea.
Click here for the full tutorial.

Rainbow Art, Eats and Activities

Anyone who reads my blog probably knows how obsessed I am with rainbows.

Fabric Punch Bouquet ~ tutorial

If you like the Paper and Fabric Wedding Flower posts that I just shared… you’ll love this Fabric Punch Bouquet from Martha Stewart.
This combines the best of both… you get the lovely fabric flowers but without any cutting!  Just choose a light-weight fabric such as voile or thin cotton in colours that compliment your theme, and use a petal or leaf craft punch to create the shapes.
You’ll need:
Light-weight fabric
Fabric stiffener
Craft punches
Small hole punch
Floral pips
Contact cement
Floral wire
Wire cutters
Green floral tape
Floral tape
Click here to see how it’s done.  There’s even a wee video tutorial!

Vintage Paper Flowers

I just love the Vintage Paper Flower pics over at Weddings By Lilly.
Paper flowers are a lovely way of adding a bit of vintage flair to any party, especially if the flowers you want are out of season!  Another great thing about using paper is that you can paint them to match any theme.
Weddings By Lilly have even shared a few tutorials for different flower shapes (at the bottom of their post).

45 Home Organisation Tips, Tricks and Tutorials!

Polly from Mrs Polly Rogers has put together a fantastic list of 45 Home Organisation Tips, Tricks and Tutorials.
There’s something for everyone ~ perfect if you’re looking for a new project!
There are too many fantastic ideas here to show just one or two, so I’ve shared my favourites instead.