My Journey to Health ~ Week 46

Mama's Style ~ My Journey to Health Week 46

Short but sweet update this week…

I’ve taken on a new challenge this week thanks to Kai Town’s Facebook page. I’m trying to ‘eat a rainbow’… eating a fruit or vege of each colour during the week. I’ve done well so far, apart from the *cough* Moro bar *cough* that I had on Monday (never ever go to a supermarket hungry)! I haven’t managed purple yet though… I’m thinking purple carrots and cabbage in a stir-fry?

I’m still on a high from last week. Having lost 10kg has been a great mental high and a brilliant motivator! As with any assessment at O2 Exercise, Nikki adjusted my programme so I have a few new exercises to do. My muscle mass isn’t as good as it could be at this stage so she’s changed some weights around and I’m under strict orders to increase my water intake.

I had to skip this week’s BoxFit class so I made sure that I went aqua-jogging on Monday instead. I love being in the pool. One of my goals is to take swimming lessons and start lane swimming. I’ll get there!

My Favourite Things ~ 20th August 2014

Welcome to another My Favourite Things post!

These sconce ‘lamps’ from Miss Lolo grabbed my eye. Aren’t the colours gorgeous?! At $450 they’re not cheap but they would make a great statement piece, and you can put them anywhere as they just plug into a socket.

What’s your favourite colour?

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things 20th August 2014

The one thing I’ve been craving lately is pasta. I’ve been good and haven’t had any… but I can still drool. I thought I’d live vicariously through this week’s post by sharing my absolute favourite pasta recipe with you. Let me introduce you to Jamie Oliver’s (what a surprise, aye) Farfalle with Carbonara and Spring Peas.

It’s sooo good and sooo easy, and it’s a very easy recipe to mess around with. I’ve made it several times over the years and have often swapped the bacon for leftover roast chicken or smoked salmon, as well as throwing in whatever veges I have left in the fridge. I’ve also been known to chuck in basil or tarragon if I’ve run out of mint (mint is the best for this though). Like I said… it’s very forgiving.

As a side note, is anyone as obsessed with Jamie’s recipes as I am?

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things 20th August 2014

One of the ladies at work put me on to my next favourite. These ‘Hotties’ from Libra are basically a portable hot water bottle. Yea yea I know what you’re thinking… hot water bottles are pretty portable already. But these Hotties actually stick to your tummy or back and give you at least five hours of lovely warm period pain relief.

Because they’re adhesive you can sleep with them on and wear them when you’re out and about. They’re also great if you just don’t like (or can’t) take traditional pain killers. You’ll find these twin packs in supermarkets for around $5.

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things 20th August 2014

I’m still obsessed with rainbows. I don’t think I’ll ever stop. So you can guess how much I adore this new hand crocheted Rainbow Ripple Blanket from Little and Loved.

It measures 1m x 1m and is incredibly soft thanks to its cotton/azlon/cashmere blend. This would be a beautiful baby shower gift, especially if the baby’s gender is a secret. The blanket costs $104.90 and you know it will be used every day.

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things 20th August 2014


Aussie Curves ~ Everyday Style (Monday)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Everyday Style - Monday)


This is an Aussie Curves post, and it isn’t. Let me explain. This week’s theme is ‘Everyday Style’ and the admins decided to expand it by letting us post pics of our outfits for the entire week. So we get to show off what we’re wearing every day this week, and I’m definitely jumping on board. I’m looking forward to seeing the interesting mix of looks from some of the girls!

This is my aqua-jogging outfit. Obviously not for actually in the water. I usually have my togs on under the dress so I just whip it off and I’m ready to go. It’s a crushed fabric so I can just chuck it into my swim bag, and the leggings and jacket roll up nicely. The dress is longer at the front and I’m a short arse, so I usually tie it up to make sure I don’t trip (I’m also a klutz).

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Everyday Style - Monday)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Everyday Style - Monday)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Everyday Style - Monday)

Plain Sizzle Dress ~ TS14+
Integra Full Length Legging ~ TS14+
Biker Jacket ~ Crossroads
Cross Necklace ~ Virtu
Snakeskin Ballet Flats ~ The Warehouse


Aussie Curves ~ Everyday Style

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Everyday Style)


When I think of ‘everyday style’, I imagine what I would wear if I was catching up with family and friends. Maybe over a BBQ, for a friend’s birthday or just getting together like families do. So when my family got together yesterday to belatedly celebrate my Dad’s birthday I told Mr Mama to get ready to take photos.

I am seriously obsessed with this poncho from Virtu… it looks good with anything and I wear it a lot! I love having a warm layer that’s not a coat or jacket. It’s comfy and covers the not-so-perfect-parts of some favourite tops that I can’t bare to part with yet.

So this is my ‘everyday style’… just mooching around with the family.

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Everyday Style)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Everyday Style)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Everyday Style)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Everyday Style)

Inspire Poncho ~ Virtu
Noa Tunic ~ Virtu
Decorous Body Tee ~ TS14+ (similar)
Stretch Skinny Pant ~ Crossroads
Necklace ~ Just Right 4 U
Ballet Flats ~ The Warehouse
Handbag ~ Lily Bloom



Aussie Curves ~ Denim

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Denim)

It was simple to choose which denim piece to share this week, because I only have two! I really love my City Chic TDF jeans but I can’t wear them anymore because they’re just so baggy now. So I went with my other denim piece, which also happens to be from City Chic, this cool skirt with pockets. Pockets people! This is also far too big so I had to use a couple of safety pins to hold it up for these photos.

Speaking of photos… they’re fairly appalling this week. The weather was shit so I had no choice but to have them taken inside and there was nowhere for me to stand this morning where the light would be in front of me. Unfortunately that means that it’s near impossible to see any skirt detail and it’s pretty hard to tell that it is denim. The pics below show the detail, but the colour is actually darker than this. Epic photo fail this week.

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Denim)

On with the show…

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Denim)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Denim)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Denim)

I’ve recently discovered MUD nail polish and it has proven to be the best, hardest wearing polish I’ve ever owned. Even better is that my local supermarket were getting rid of bottles for just $5! I’m wearing Milk Shake (pale pink) and Paparazzi (gold glitter).

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Denim)

Denim Skirt ~ City Chic (2009/2010)
Equinox Top ~ Virtu
Large Spot Cardi ~ Glassons
Virtuosity Necklace ~ TS14+
Hepburn Ankle Boot ~ TS14+




My Journey to Health ~ Weeks 44-45

Mama's Style ~ My Journey to Health Weeks 44-45

It has been a great couple of weeks on my journey. With no bugs in the house and the new school term, I’m back doing four sessions at O2 Exercise (three programme workouts and a BoxFit class). I even finally got back in the pool but have only managed one aqua-jogging session. When Miss 4 starts school in a couple of months I’ll have more time in the pool and I’ll be starting pilates classes too which I’m looking forward to.

I had a reassessment with Nikki at O2 Exercise this morning and I’m thrilled to have lost 10kg since I started my journey. It may not sound like a huge loss to most of you but I’m really happy. I always knew I was in this for the long haul as I want permanent results, so I’m happy with a journey instead of a race. This is the longest I’ve ever stuck to living healthily, but what’s more thrilling is that there’s no way I’ll be giving up my new life any time soon. The changes I’m already noticing are amazing but I can’t wait to see how far I’ll go. I’m so glad that I made the decision to contact O2 Exercise and fight for a new life for me and my family… I can see it unfolding in front of me and I won’t ever look back.

Of course Nikki has changed my programme again. She has me doing less cardio but more weights as I still need to get my muscle mass and water % up to make sure my body is working as efficiently as it can. I always cringe at new exercises but I know that in a couple of weeks it’ll be second nature. It’s great that I’ve got food under control again, partly thanks to doing Stingy August and basically having no money to spend on crap food. Wahey!

I’m crying as I type this because I’m proud of myself. That hasn’t happened in quite a while.

Can you tell I’m happy?


Bye Bye Fashion Mojo

Mama's Style ~ Bye Bye Fashion Mojo

So I’ve been feeling very meh about my style lately. I feel like my style’s evolving which is exciting, but as someone who usually has a plan for everything, it’s also extremely frustrating.

A lot of my clothes just aren’t fitting well anymore thanks to My Journey to Health. I know I shouldn’t complain because it’s actually a nice problem to have, but because I have fewer clothes that fit, I’m wearing the same outfits over and over. It’s getting really boring! There are pieces that still fit ok but that I no longer wear because I’ve simply moved on from them. I can’t replace anything yet because… a; we have no spare cash, and b; I don’t see the point of buying something I’ll probably only get to wear for a short time anyway. So I’m stuck with a rapidly shrinking closet, pardon the pun.

I feel like my style is heading towards more tailored pieces and away from the floaty feminine style I embraced when I first started dressing for myself, but only time will tell. With my weight loss I’ve started dreaming about stores I’ll be able to shop at and pieces that are not currently available in the plus size NZ market. I see pieces from ‘straight stores’ that I’d love to have and it’s so frustrating that I can’t fit them yet! I don’t want to fit my plus size clothes anymore… I’ve moved on from them but my body hasn’t changed enough to allow me to move on. I hope that makes sense. It’s nice to dream but of course there’s no guarantee that the pieces I’m dreaming of will suit my body even when I’m able to fit them. Still, I’m getting excited at the prospect at having so many more stores at my beck and call!

There’s nothing I can do to speed up the process of getting my fashion mojo jack. My journey is going to take as long as it takes and because I want permanent results I’m not going to rush things. I just have to be patient and put up with baggy clothes for a while, knowing that this funk won’t last forever. Until then you may see less outfit posts from me. Bare with.

So I’m finally going to trawl through my closet and get rid of things that don’t fit any more. Watch out for a ‘Shop Mama’s Closet’ sale on my Facebook page!

My Favourite Things ~ 11th August 2014

I’m opening this week’s MFT post with something for my inner fangirl. Some of you know that I’m a huge Doctor Who fan so of course I fell in love with this Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Duvet Cover over at Society6.

The print was created by Risa Rodil and is also available as cushions, t-shirts, iphone cases, tote bags (I’d love one of those too), rugs, clocks, baby onesies, shower curtains and more. I was expecting the duvet to be super expensive but it’s actually very reasonable at US$99 for a queen or US$129 for the king. The best news is that they ship to NZ!

You can see Risa’s entire collection for Society6 here, or check out her website. Her work is absolutely fantastic!

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things 9th August 2014

My Favourite Things ~ 9th August 2014

If you follow me in Instagram you may have seen my next favourite thing during the week. I stumbled into the new Peter Alexander store during the week and fell head over heels with the Ruby Slippers from their Wizard of Oz collection. I want them! I’ve always wanted a pair of Dorothy shoes. Even better is that they’re also available in kids sizes. Freakin’ adorable!

The grown ups pair is $59.99 and available in sizes 6-10. The kids version costs $49.99 in sizes up to 13.

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things 9th August 2014

I broke my favourite coffee (well, decaf) mug a couple of months ago and haven’t found a decent replacement. I want something sturdy and colourful, then I came across these Le Creuset mugs at Living & Giving. The colours are gorgeous and they’re on sale right now for $16.09 each.

I’m leaning towards the red or orange one. Which is your favourite?

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things 9th August 2014


Aussie Curves ~ Challenge Flashback


Challenge Flashback is the last week in the second year of Aussie Curves. Two years. Holy heck, that’s gone fast!

I was going to go back and do one of the weeks I’d missed or rework an outfit that I wasn’t totally happy with the first time, but as it does time has run away from me, so I’ve put together a post of my favourite themes from this year instead. I think I’ve missed more weeks than I’ve participated in this year which I’m pretty sad about, but when you need a break you need a break, right? I wasn’t happy putting outfits together and smiling for the camera when I wasn’t feeling the love. It would’ve been pointless. But I seem to have my blogging mojo back so I look forward to sharing lots more AC themes in the next year. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming themes will be!

I’ve looked back over the past year’s looks and am pleased to notice that my style keeps changing. I’m finding it hard to describe my style at the moment, it’s evolving, and I’m excited to find out where it’ll settle. Maybe it won’t. Aussie Curves is definitely partly to blame (or thank) for shaking things up.

That’s enough self-analysis. On with the show.

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Challenge Throwback)Left ~ LBD Take Two
Centre ~ Black and White Take Two
Right ~ Yellow Take Two

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Challenge Throwback)Left ~ Cocktail
Centre ~ New Years Eve
Right ~ Breaking the Rules Take Two

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Challenge Throwback)Left ~ Activewear
Centre ~ Sequins Take Two
Right ~ Off The Runway

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Challenge Throwback)Left ~ Green Take Two
Centre ~ Sparkle Take Two
Right ~ Leather




Stingy August Update

Stingy August is going surprisingly well so far. I have not gone near a cafe or dairy for a week and we haven’t had any takeaways… not even one little chip. I’ve done two trips to the supermarket and managed to come home with only one extra (my hair-colour-in-a-box). Woot!

With this freezing weather Welly’s having, I’ve been dying for a hot chocolate from Bohemein. It’s helpful to visualise the kids playing on the trampoline that we’re saving for and also to remind myself how much more I’ll have to move my butt at the gym to work off any extras. I made a huge pot of lamb shank and vege soup the other day which has given us lots of freezer meals… they’ll be great when I can’t be bothered cooking.

Other shops I can’t really avoid as I have to take my MIL shopping once a week. I’ve only been tempted to buy something once by some gorgeous Dorothy Ruby Slippers from Peter Alexander! I haven’t been tempted to buy clothes because I figure I’ll only be wearing it for a short amount of time anyway (read about My Journey to Health). It would be a total waste of money. It sounds really stupidly simple, but the biggest way to stop myself from being is to just to not try anything on. Duh!

I’m pleased with how Stingy August is going so far. With Miss 4′s birthday coming up next month we need to keep up this great start!

How’s Stingy August treating you?