My Journey to Health ~ 30th October 2014

Mama's Style ~ My Journey to Health 30th October 2014

I enjoyed having a break from exercise over the school holidays but now it feels good to be back in my routine (I really am a routine lover at heart). I’m back aqua-jogging and even had my first pilates class on Tuesday with Nikki at O2 Exercise. I had no idea what to expect. Nikki may have taken pity on me since it was my first class, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to do most of the poses fairly well and they weren’t difficult. There was one move which was too uncomfortable to do which involved rolling into a ball and rocking back and forth. Oh no, no, no, my lower back screamed!

I had another nasty run in with heart palpitations a few weeks ago (they were bad enough for an ambulance to be called again). Of course I had no palpitations when the paramedics were here, but sure enough the thump-thumping and flop-flopping started as soon as they left. I was awake most of the night and was just exhausted by morning. I’d been slacking and had felt palpitations more frequently in the weeks leading up to it, but I also think I muddled up the coffee cups and had Mr Mama’s proper coffee instead of my decaf. I won’t make that fucking mistake again!

I was pissed off that I’d let them get to a point where I was having palpitations daily. Seriously… how many wake up calls do I need!? So as well as getting back to regular exercise I’ve also overhauled my eating, which is so much easier with all the lovely fresh summer fruit and veges arriving. It’s no secret that my healthy eating slacked over winter but I’m getting more fruit and veges into my meals. My favourite snack is chopped fruit with a couple of dollops of yoghurt… yum! I’m making weekly menus, and as long as I remember to take things out of the freezer in the morning I can avoid the 4pm what-to-make-for-dinner-panic-and-usually-make-something-pretty-crap situation.

The blog’s been fairly quiet for the past couple of months. I’ve been trying to take more time for myself, and to be honest I’ve (again) become a bit uninspired with blogging. So things are going to be slow for a while. I’m not going to push words out or share aimless posts just to have something new. When I started blogging some advice I read was to publish a post each day… I’ve come to the realisation that very few bloggers actually have the time or inclination to do that so I’m giving myself the advice to just sodding well share what and when I want. No pressure, no expectations and definitely no comparing myself to what anyone else is doing!

I’m loving my ‘lightbulb’ moments…


My Style ~ 28th October 2014

Mama's Style ~ My Style 28th October 2014

Today’s post is all about my fun new tee from Farmers. It’s hard to see the letters in these photos but it says Believe In Your #Selfie which is definitely me! As soon as I saw the tee I knew that it had to be mine. It’s from the No Issue label which is a bit street and fun… there are some cool prints and lots of nods to current trends. The best thing about the tee is that it has sleeves almost to the elbow. Hooray! It’s hard to find summer tee’s that still have a decent sleeve for us girls who aren’t fans of showing our upper arms (yea, yea, I can hear some of you saying ‘just get over it already’).

I originally just had shorts on but the day got so cold that I had to pop on my Crossroads 7/8 pants and biker jacket. I’ve been wearing these sandals from The Warehouse almost every day… they are super comfy and go with nearly everything. I’m really loving this outfit and I would prepare yourselves for posts featuring various combinations of these pieces!

I do love me some good monochrome…

Mama's Style ~ My Style 28th October 2014

Mama's Style ~ My Style 28th October 2014

No Issue ‘Believe In Your #Selfie Tee’ ~ Farmers
7/8 Skinny Pant ~ Crossroads (similar)
Biker Jacket ~ Crossroads
Necklace ~ TS14+
Sunglasses ~ Crossroads
Garage ‘Carlina Sandal’ ~ The Warehouse



Aussie Curves ~ Then and Now

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Then and Now)


For ‘Then and Now’ I decided to restyle a dress that I wore for my very first Aussie Curves theme. I wore this dress for ‘Celebrity Copycat’ (see it here) which I think was week five back in 2012.

I’ve enjoyed looking back at my first AC outfit and to see how my style has changed in just two years. I’m definitely more confident… I never would have bared my arms back then and I’ve gotten better at using photos which show a lot of curves. Getting so many positive comments from the gorgeous AC ladies, and my own readers of course, has given me confidence and the encouragement to try new things. Like these shoes… two years ago I would have totally walked right past them!

I hope we do another Then and Now week later on as it was great looking back. Maybe next time I’ll show you a pic from waaaay back when I was in my jeans ‘n jumper days… shudder. Mmm probably not.

Boy I wish I’d remembered to put some lipstick on. Whoops!

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things 18th October 2014

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Then and Now)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Then and Now)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Then and Now)


Dress ~ Emma Rose
Crystal Wrap Cuff ~ TS14+
Necklace ~ TS14+
Earrings ~ Lovisa
Clutch ~ TS14+
Garage Carlina Sandals ~ The Warehouse

My Favourite Things ~ 18th October 2014

Here are a few of my fave things this week…

Check out these new pieces from Mocka! The fab drawers are from their Whitehaven range and are available in Single, Low Trio, Tall Four and a Chunky Six option for great storage. Thanks to the lovely neutral colours they look stunning in a child’s bedroom as well as the lounge, entryway, dining room and grown up’s bedrooms.

Mama's Style ~ My Favorite Things 18th October 2014

I’m totally obsessed with the Jaffa Yoghurt from The Collective! Unfortunately it’s a limited edition flavour so who knows how long it will be around for… I’m making the most of it while I can. I swear I’ll cry when they stop making it!

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things (18th October 2014)

I’ve been hunting for a really good eye makeup remover that doesn’t sting my eyes (good god, that’s a bitch right)? I heard good things about The Body Shop’s Camomile Eye and Lip Makeup Remover so I gave it a go and I’m really glad I did. There’s no sting and it removes waterproof makeup easily. Woohoo!

Mama's Style ~ My Favourite Things 18th October 2014


Lightbox Kids Crafts from Mister Maker

The weather was appalling here in Wellington yesterday so we were stuck at home during the school holidays with Mr 7 and Miss 5 getting more and more tetchy… any person with young kids will tell you that’s the worst affliction known to parent-kind!

When the weather’s nice you can fling open the doors and kids will happily run around outside, ride their bikes, race cars through the garden, ‘paint’ the house and enjoy any other activity involving water. There are endless possibilities outside. Until it starts raining. And boy, did it rain here yesterday! We went through the usual inside day activities but then they started getting on each others nerves and they didn’t want to do anything I suggested. Basically the rain drove them crazy. I was ready to walk out of the house and stand in the rain to get a bit of peace when I remembered Lightbox. Tada!

Mr 7 and Miss 5 really enjoyed a new show they discovered… Mister Maker! Each episode Mister Maker (he engages well and is entertaining) creates fab kids crafts that can easily be made at home. We’ve watched him make junk art, a picture made using cardboard as ‘brushes’, making a ‘stone’ footprint and a firework picture, a ship in a jar with blue rice sea, and more.

Check out Mister Maker on Lightbox to start your kids creating their own art and crafts (and to keep you sane during the second week of the holidays)! Here are some fun projects from the rest of the series…

Mama's Style ~ Lightbox Kids CraftsTop ~ Monster Head Mask
Bottom ~ Key Ring Charm

Mama's Style ~ Lightbox Kids CraftsLeft ~ Superhero Wristband
Right ~ Junk Art

Mama's Style ~ Lightbox Kids CraftsTop ~ Stone Footprint
Bottom ~ Mini Robot

Mama's Style ~ Lightbox Kids CraftsLeft ~ Set of Skittles
Right ~ Sparkly Snowman Picture

Mama's Style ~ Lightbox Kids CraftsTop ~ Medal
Bottom ~ Bubble Wrap Cactus

Aussie Curves ~ Pyjamas

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Pyjamas)


I’m not one for pyjamas. They always end up twisting, bunching and going places they don’t need to be. I can’t be bothered with all of that. But there are some instances when I have to wear something so I keep a pair around just in case. I actually bought this pair to wear in hospital after giving birth to Miss 5 so I’ve become a wee bit sentimental about them.

If I was to wear pyjamas and nighties I’d probably spend far too much money at Peter Alexander. They recently opened a store at my local mall and I’ve ooh’d and aah’d over quite a few things there… especially the Wizard of Oz collection they had a few months ago. I could imagine myself in these fun pieces, and those ruby slippers!

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Pyjamas)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Pyjamas)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Pyjamas)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Pyjamas)

Ironically after I’d taken these photos I refused to take the pj’s off!

Yourself Pyjamas ~ Farmers


My Style ~ 5th October 2014 aka Monochrome Madness

Mama's Style ~ My Style 5th October 2014

Most of my readers know that I’m a bit of a monochrome nut. It’s classic, always looks polished and it’s so easy to wear. Monochrome is my favourite fashion trend of all time!

I’ve been needing to replace one of my favourite black and white pieces, my Origami Gilet (see here, here, here and here) for quite a while as it’s gotten far too big. So when I saw the Voltage Dress from TS14+ I snapped it up. I love the shape and it’s a lovely light-weight piece… perfect for summer but I’ll easily layer it up over winter so I’m sure to get lots of wear out of it.

It’s a lovely sunny day here but there’s still a southerly chill in the wind so I’m wearing a 7/8 length legging (white leggings are fantastic… I urge you to give them a go) and a body tee to keep me warm.

Mama's Style ~ My Style 5th October 2014

I also picked up this pretty An Arrangement Necklace last week. Isn’t it gorgeous!? I love the pretty mint colour, and boy, can it sparkle! I’m also wearing my white Crystal Wrap Cuff. I do love me a little big of bling!

Mama's Style ~ My Style 5th October 2014

Mama's Style ~ My Style 5th October 2014

Mama's Style ~ 5th October 2014

Mama's Style ~ My Style 5th October 2014

Mama's Style ~ My Style 5th October 2014Mama's Style ~ My Style 5th October 2014

Voltage Dress ~ TS14+
Decorous Signal Body Tee ~ TS14+
Basiks Frill Me Cardy ~ TS14+
Integra Capri Legging ~ TS14+
An Arrangement Necklace ~ TS14+
Crystal Wrap Cuff ~ TS14+
Garage Czaty Ballet Flat ~ The Warehouse


My Journey to Health ~ 2nd October 2014

Mama's Style ~ My Journey to Health 2nd October 2014

I’ve been pretty slack over the last few weeks. I think I’ve only been to the gym six or seven times and I’m still eating way too many carbs. It’s been a busy few weeks and my health has unfortunately been pushed to the bottom of the list… one nasty side effect is that I’ve started having more palpitations. Oh joy.

I’m living a real life with a family, a job, wanting the occasional social life and plenty of other things that I can’t control. Life isn’t perfect. We have to roll with the punches and do the best we can. I’m not going to feel bad for not getting to the gym four times a week at the moment. I know that once the kids are back at school I’ll start my routine again, and until then I can make do with Dance Central battles with the kids and going to the gym when I can.

The one thing I can change is my eating. Exercise is so much easier when I don’t feel like crap to begin with, and I never feel good when I’m not eating well. I will cut down on those evil bloody carbs and eat more fresh fruit and veges. A good start will be to come up with weekly meal menus again… it’s handy knowing what we’re having each day, but a plan also means that there isn’t the mad 4pm scramble when I usually rely on something stodgy and quick. A plan is my plan!

Hit me with your favourite quick and healthy family meals!

Aussie Curves ~ Fears Exposed

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Fears Exposed)


When I saw the theme this week the first thing that came to mind was sharing a photo without my eyebrows on. I have hardly any eyebrows and regularly draw them on with my trusty Clinique pencil. I don’t put them on every day… just if I’m working, going somewhere semi-formal or if I think I’ll be meeting someone who’ll expect me to be in ‘Mama’s Style’ mode. Day to day I can’t be bothered putting them on.

And before you ask, no I haven’t over-plucked. I’ve just never had many and what is there is very pale and sparse. I’ve often thought about cosmetic tattooing and I think I’m getting closer to pulling up my big girl undies and taking the plunge. Having my eyebrows on really makes a huge difference to my face and I think having them tattooed will improve my confidence as I tend to hide my face sometimes when I think people are staring.

Sharing these pictures with you is very scary… I’m definitely exposing a big fear! I went back and forth all week trying to decide whether or not I was brave enough to share this fear. I’ve never shared a non-eyebrow photo on the blog. When I take photos without my brows on I pop on a huge pair of sunnies so that you can’t tell. Maybe I’ll stop doing that now.

Life’s far too short, isn’t it. Fuck it! Here you go.

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Fears Exposed)

Mama's Style ~ Aussie Curves (Fears Exposed)

I’d love to hear from other women who have similar issues with their brows. Non-brows unite!